How to maintain an art basin

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The maintenance of the art basin should pay attention to the following points:

Regular cleaning: Use a soft cloth or sponge to soak an appropriate amount of neutral detergent and wipe the surface of the art basin, especially the edges and carved parts that are prone to accumulation of stains. When cleaning, it is necessary to gently wipe and avoid using excessively rough objects and strong alkaline detergents to avoid damaging the surface.

Avoid prolonged soaking: Avoid soaking art pots in water, especially hot water, to avoid affecting their appearance and lifespan. To clean the art basin, you can first soak the entire surface of the basin with flowing water, and then wipe the surface with a diluent of neutral detergent.

Prevent direct sunlight: Avoid exposing the art basin to sunlight for a long time to avoid affecting its color and texture. It is best to place the art basin in a ventilated, cool, and dry environment, avoiding dampness and direct sunlight.

Attention to moisture prevention: Art pots are ceramic products that are prone to cracking, warping, or deformation when exposed to moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the art basin dry and avoid prolonged contact with moisture, especially in rainy seasons and humid areas.

Handle with Care: When moving or installing the art basin, be careful and handle it gently to avoid collision or falling, so as not to cause damage or breakage.

Regular waxing: In order to maintain the luster and rust prevention of the art basin, a thin layer of car wax or furniture wax can be regularly applied to the surface of the art basin, and then wiped with a soft cloth to give it a shiny and new effect.

The above are some basic methods and precautions for maintaining an art basin, which can extend its service life and maintain its aesthetic effect.

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